BoDeans: The Triple Door, Seattle, WA 8/18/08

BoDeans are an engaging band who has stood the test of time.  Their longevity – and the reasons for it – were on clear display at their recent show at Seattle’s gorgeous Triple Door.

With a backdrop of over 20 years making music, Wisconsin’s BoDeans make straightforward, honest music – and they make it with aplomb.  They ran through their catalogue at this show, opening with “Pretty Ghost” before moving into the gorgeous rocker “Idaho.”  Though at times they sidled into twangy, country-slanted territory (as with “Texas Ride Song” and “Good Work”), they generally upheld their thoroughly rock orientation, playing audience favorites including “Still The Night” and “Closer to Free.” 

However, the generally upbeat nature of the show was not to the exclusion of their gorgeous ballad work.  Indeed, this author would argue that BoDeans are at their best on songs such as a slowed-down “Naked” (the poignancy and vulnerability of which are perhaps even more clear as they’ve aged) and “Far, Far Away From My Heart” (again, slowed down, and again, gorgeously melodic).

After over an hour and a half, the group left the stage, to have Kurt (Neumann) and Sam (Llanas) return shortly thereafter to play a beautiful, acoustic and un-mic’d version of “It’s Only Love” before finishing with a brilliant playing of “Good Things.” 

Overall, Bodeans showed that they can still rock with the best, 25 years after their formation. 

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