Bottle Up And Go: These Bones (EP)


This seven song EP from Brooklyn by way of a Connecticut duo is something fierce.  Their sound is rooted in the blues while coming blistering alive in the vein of DIY garage rock, from the gut wrenching “Wayward Son” to the funky-strumming-intro of “51 Weeks and 7 Days,” until they kick down the barn door lighting the place afire with crashing cymbals and broken strings during “These Bones.”  Keenan Mitchell is a tornado eating up an RV park on frantic slide guitar and vocals, ricocheting all over the place while leaving a wake of destruction in his path.  The occasional saxophone peppered in by Lucas Carrico adds to the chaos, and the whole thing would threaten to spin out of control if not for the exceptional drumming of Fareed Sajan. 

Sajan controls the madness with cymbal crashes and propulsive skin work that is a grounded and somehow plowing through a mountain-like TnT at the same time.  The most unexpected twist is that the strongest song on-hand is when the band takes a breath and slows down for “All My Trials” with a marching snare and a violin that work perfectly.  This intro to the group makes one thirst for a full length

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