Gentleman Auction House: Alphabet Graveyard


Intense, organized chaos can make some beautiful music.  Wilco has achieved this with songs like “At Least That’s What You Said,” “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart,” and “A Shot in the Arm,” to name just a few.  And while Gentleman Auction House isn’t as established as a band like Wilco, their newest album, Alphabet Graveyard, has that mystic and iconic Yankee Hotel Foxtrot feel to it, mainly because there is always something interesting lurking in the background – you know, those sounds that jump out after the eighth or so listen.  My feeling is that you’re going to love it just as you did YHF.
Opening with hand claps and turbulent vocals on “ABCDEFGraveyard,” lead singer Eric Enger wastes no time with his agenda – to win your full attention. The three tunes that follow – “Call It Casual,” “The Book of Matches,” and “We Used To Dream About Bridges” – achieve their message through the use of keyboards, trumpet, and harmony, never once slowing the poppy and rocking pace.  My only complaint here is that I’d like to hear more of Kylie Kozel’s voice, especially on a slower song like “Good Behavior,” but I’m willing to wait for that. In short, this is quite an original album that should be just the beginning for a band that has a welcoming future in front of them

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