The Bad Plus Announce New Record – For All I Care

For the better part of a decade, The Bad Plus have been stirring up a musical stew that defies easy description. Drawing on sources as diverse as classical, jazz, rock, pop and beyond, they have created a singular aesthetic that forces even the most skeptical listener to rethink the commonly held notions of what differentiates one style of music from another.

Following the release of Prog, the trio wanted to try some new ideas and broaden their musical concept. To that end, bassist Reid Anderson, pianist Ethan Iverson and drummer David King take a giant step forward with the February 3, 2009, release of For All I Care (HUCD 3148) on Heads Up International. Simultaneously, Heads Up will release a limited-edition 180-gram double-LP (HULP 8148) including two bonus tracks – a cover of U2’s "New Year’s Day" and an original piece by Anderson entitled "You And I Is A Comfort Zone."

A mix of highly familiar rock and pop pieces alongside some not-so-familiar 20th century classical compositions, For All I Care represents the band’s egalitarian approach to all forms of music, regardless of source, genre or style. To their way of thinking, quality and integrity can be found at any point along the continuum.

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