Wilco Releasing First Concert DVD – “Ashes of American Flags”

Wilco will release its first concert DVD, "Ashes of American Flags," chronicling February 2008 visits to Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium and Tulsa, Okla.’s Cain Ballroom.

The project is due in February or March from Nonesuch, just in advance of the next Wilco studio album, which the band is now recording.

"Ashes" was assembled by longtime collaborators Brendan Canty and Christoph Green of Trixie Films, who previously worked on frontman Jeff Tweedy’s solo DVD "Sunken Treasure" and the behind-the-scenes film that accompanied certain editions of Wilco’s 2007 album "Sky Blue Sky."

According to a newsletter sent to fans, Wilco will play "a handful of gigs" in the southern U.S. in April, to be followed by an extensive tour of Spain in May and then "the usual summer hijinks with a new record and gigs everywhere imaginable."

Tweedy also has three solo shows on tap in Michigan and Illinois later this month.

Source Billboard

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