Bon Iver: Blood Bank

When Justin Vernon speaks these days, people line up to listen at every corner. It wasn’t always this way for Vernon, who now records under the name Bon Iver. You know him because of his beautiful For Emma, Forever Ago, a record that everyone seemed to love because of its cold truth—that pain is somehow always around us. For a brief encore, Vernon has released Blood Bank, an EP consisting of four songs that thrive in their own cold, crackling skin. The title track is the best of the bunch, likely because it contains all of the elements that Vernon has shown to master: smart songwriting, frank melody, and vocals that leave a mark. “Beach Baby” is a nice, comfy tune as well, but it certainly doesn’t challenge the listener like “Babys” or “Woods.” Those latter tunes leave Vernon vulnerable enough to face some criticism concerning repetition; however, I admire his willingness to take some chances—ones that only get me excited about his next full-length. For now, a trip to the blood bank will do just fine.

Blood Bank – Bon Iver

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