Les Claypool to Embark On A ‘Mini-Fest’ Tour

Les Claypool will embark the “The Oddity Faire: A Mutated Mini Fest” tour and will take over North America starting March 4, 2009. This tour is in support of yet another brilliant work of art, OF FUNGI AND FOE to release March 17, 2009 on Prawn Song Records. Tickets for this extravaganza go on sale January 15th on www.livenation.com.

Here is what Les had to say about the tour:

As a fellow that’s been performing for more years than many of my fans have been on this planet, I’ve had the privilege to be a part of many a music festival.  Having trod the stages of such events as Lollapalooza, Woodstock 94, Redding, Bonnaroo, etc. I’ve come to realize that there really hasn’t been an event that truly represented the type of creative individual that I am kin to. 

In the past the less politically correct folks would have considered the sounds coming from our sort as some type of “musical retardation”.  In this day and age of acceptance, tolerance, and good manners, the term might well be, “pop-culturally challenged”.  I have always, whole heartedly applauded the notion of any individual that breaks beyond the parameters set by the safe pallet of the mainstream and expresses themselves before the masses in manners that make even the most creative of us all raise an eyebrow and murmur, “how the hell did they think of that?”

THE ODDITY FAIRE: A MUTATED MINI-FEST, is just the event where one will encounter such diverse and unique artists.  The notion of the festival is to bring together folks that naturally dwell outside the box so that they may perform before a collective audience that is looking for something that hasn’t been cultivated by American Idol or shoved up their asses by the Disney Corporation.  (Don’t get me wrong, I was “Hi-ho-ing” my way through Disneyland as often as possible in my youth—usually on mushrooms–but I do believe that Walt would shit a beefsteak tomato if he were to be thawed out today to witness the mutation of his legacy.)  

THE ODDITY FAIRE: A MUTATED MINI-FEST is a multi-medium event that will play in intimate environments around the country.  The musicians and performers will rotate from region to region.  Importantly, the ticket price for a ??? plus hour event will be well within reason given the current state of our lovely economy. 

THE ODDITY FAIRE: A MUTATED MINI FEST, truly a “brain-candy bargain for a recessed age”

Come on down,
Les Claypool


3/4/2009    San Diego, CA    House Of Blues    Yard Dogs
3/6/2009    Las Vegas, NV    House Of Blues    Yard Dogs
3/7/2009    Los Angeles, CA    Palladium    Mutaytor  Saul Williams, Yard Dogs
3/8/2009    Lake Tahoe, NV    Montbleu Theatre    Yard Dogs, Saul Williams
3/10/2009    Portland, OR    Roseland    Yard Dogs  Saul Williams
3/11/2009    Seattle, WA    Showbox SODO    Saul Williams, Yard Dogs
3/13/2009    Salt Lake City, UT    Depot    Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3
3/14/2009    Denver, CO    Fillmore    Yard Dogs,Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3
3/16/2009    Kansas City, MO    Beaumont    Devotchka, Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3
3/17/2009    St. Louis, MO    Pageant    Devotchka, Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3
3/19/2009    Minneapolis, MN    Myth    Devotchka, Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3
3/20/2009    Milwaukee, WI    Rave    Devotchka, Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3
3/21/2009    Chicago, IL    Riviera    Devotchka, Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3
3/22/2009    Cleveland, OH    Agora    Devotchka, Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3
3/24/2009    Toronto, ON    The Guvernment    Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3
3/26/2009    Boston, MA    House Of Blues    Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3, O’Death
3/27/2009    Philadelphia, PA    Electric Factory    Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3, O’Death
3/28/2009    New York City    Terminal 5    Saul Williams, O’Death  Secret Chief 3

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