Heartless Bastards: The Mountain


With the release of their third full-length release in the past five years, the Heartless Bastards have undergone several changes including moving their base of operations from Cincinnati, Ohio to Dayton, Ohio and most recently to Austin, Texas and a complete lineup change which has dramatically altered the sound and the tone of this album from their previous efforts. Some of the songs arrangements – steel guitar, banjo, fiddle, drums and bass – are sparse and allow room for Erika Wennerstom’s powerful, bluesy voice to roam the depths of regret, loss, faith, desolation, loneliness and hope – frequently in the face of biblical-level catastrophe. Because of The Mountain’s emotional depth and Wennerstrom’s amazing voice, this album is a rare and a very beautiful work, reminiscent of the old time blues that inspired Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and countless others.

The Mountain – Hearltess Bastards

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