Iggy Pop Readies Preliminaries

Iggy Pop, the Godfather of Punk, takes on the language of romance and gets “dangerously near jazz” on his new album, Préliminaires, to be released in the U.S. on EMI Music’s Astralwerks label on June 2. Produced by Hal Cragin, Préliminaires, which means “foreplay” in French, is score music inspired by Michel Houellebecq’s 2005 novel The Possibility of an Island.


Iggy will present the new project during an online interactive press conference hosted at www.iggypoppreliminaires.com, which will take place live from Paris, France tomorrow, Thursday March 26 at 11:00am CET (6:00am EDT). He will speak about his inspirations, the link to French culture, and controversial author Houellebecq. Those subscribing to the webcast will also have the opportunity to ask questions and hear tracks from the album.


The book “is about death, sex, the end of the human race, and some other pretty funny stuff,” says Iggy in a video statement explaining his motivations. “I read the book with intense pleasure when it came out and, in my mind, I created music that would have been the music that I would hear in my soul when I read it.”


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