Maria Taylor: LadyLuck


If you’re a fan of Maria Taylor’s first two albums, 11:11 and Lynn Teeter Flower, then her newest release, LadyLuck, will seem like an old friend. If you’re new to Taylor’s hushed vocals and overall somber reflections on relationships and life, then these ten new tunes might take some time getting used to. Either way, Taylor is in fine form on LadyLuck, most notably on the vibrant “Time Lapse Lifeline” and the happy-go-lucky “Cartoons and Forever Plans,” the latter getting a boost in the form of backup vocals from R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe. “Cartoons” closes out the largely mellow album with a nice glimpse of hope; it’s not a knockout punch that will get you through a workout or help you save the world, but it will make you smile. Lucky or not, Maria Taylor wins again.

Orchids – Maria Taylor

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