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If The Knife were described as the sounds of thunder and lightning, then Karin Dreijer Andersson must be the commanding eclipse that carries Olof Dreijer’s flashes of electricity. While The Knife are on hiatus, sister Karin Dreijer Andersson has focused on the slower, darker side of the duo’s distinct sound to release a self-titled album under the name Fever Ray.

Like many of The Knife’s goodies, Fever Ray is a curious and troubled awakening to a grey morning. With slits for eyes, and a slight chill in the air, you know there’s much to ponder with lots of trivialities to stumble upon along the way. Second track “When I grow up” embodies that sentiment. From thoughts of childhood dreams and green thumbs, to questions about wasting time, and the woes of only a minute’s rest on the seventh day. “If I Had A Heart” talks of inadequacies tainted by a faint hope, “I’m Not Done” tastes of survival instincts, while “Keep The Streets Empty” brings images of forest wolves on the hunt deep in Northern Scandinavia.

The influence of Andersson’s Sweden on her sound and lyrics is unmistakable. Themes of snow, darkness, longing, need, and frailty, are all wrapped up in echoing synth, distorted vocals and a truckload of percussive treats. Spend a moment listening intently and you’ll notice that this isn’t an easy album, but with its blurred lyrics it’ll only challenge as much as you let it while tickling auditory senses you may not have ever recognized.

If you’ve been missing The Knife’s fine marriage of new wave beats and glockenspiel then Fever Ray is a good way to get your fix. If you have a penchant for quirky sounds and dark lyrics, Fever Ray is an interesting rhythmic ride. If you’re just looking for some simple, happy beats, you might be better off passing on this, and checking out Bass Hunter’s latest monstrosity instead

Triangle Walks – Fever Ray

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