The Dead Releasing Concert/Photography Books For Each Tour Stop

The concept is so simple you gotta wonder why more bands don’t do this. The Dead is releasing a concert / photography book for each stop on the band’s current tour.o accomplish this The Dead and its longtime photographer Jay Blakesberg have teamed with marketing / creative publishing platform Blurb to create the professional-quality books with each individual book becoming available within 72 hours after each gig ends.

What’s more, The Dead has picked up the $5 fee Blurb charges customers for custom covers. Want your face on your Dead concert book? Just tell ‘em when you order it, and it won’t cost
anything extra.

The plan calls for The Dead releasing 17 books with each book focusing on a single night of the band’s current tour. So far, you can check out three books based on the band’s gigs in Charlottesville, Va., Washington, D.C., and Greensboro, N.C. Prices are $22.95 for soft cover, $32.95 for hardcover including dust jacket and $34.95 for hardcover with ImageWrap, which means the cover image is printed directly onto the cover for a durable matte finish.

“The band wanted to enable the Dead Heads to visually experience the show in a totally new way,” said Blakesberg. “Extending the concert experience via personalized, professional-quality photography books, available within days following each show, is unlike any band merchandising I’ve ever seen.”

Source Pollstar

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