Floydfest: Floyd, VA 8/13-15/2004

The approach into the Floyd World Music Festival on the Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the most beautiful on the east coast. The Parkway is nationally recognized as one of the most serene drives in the country. Boasting spectacular views of the surrounding valleys and almost completely unspoiled by gas stations or motor-miles, it is one of the few roads anywhere where one can drive for miles without seeing any sign of human intervention aside from the occasional rustic home. Even on the evening of the first day of the festival, the incoming traffic was thin at best, and the stereotypical, sticker-plastered Winnebagos and Westfalias were nowhere to be seen.

Rather than the faceless car-and-bag-checkpoints of Bonnaroo and the like, the entrance to the Floydfest grounds is done up like the visual incarnation of an eager hug from a long-lost friend. An arch reading

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