The benefit concert for the LEP high school (appropriately named the "LEP Rocks Benefit Concert") readies a rolling list of esteemed guest appearances: Storm Large (best known for her appearance in Rock Star Supernova), Linda Hornbuckle, guests Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, Peter Buck of REM, Alex Ounsworth of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and The Dimes. Artists and audience alike will take part in commemorating the small-scale but big-hearted high school, where nearly 300 students, along with the devoted staff, have fought diligently for a re-charter and against the risk of closure.

Located in Portland‘s own, freshly-reestablished Mississippi -Studios, the show will run an eclectic collection of local talent to the stage on May 10th, with doors opening at 7 and performances at 8. From the soulful, thundering ballads of lady singer-songwriter Storm Large, to the infectious Portland-esque tunes of The Dimes, the venue promises a more-than-worthy line up. Leadman Ounsworth of Clap Your Hands holds his own in the genre of indie-rock, armed with wonderfully peculiar vocals and skill with an acoustic guitar. Richly melodic are the stylings of Linda Hornbuckle, whose bluesy finesse creates a lulling but nonetheless empowering part in the lineup. Much like LEP itself, the show will be rich with diverse genres and promises to hold something for any Portland music

LEP is a school worth saving. Securing the education of more than 300 students, its project-based curriculum and deep student-teacher relations helps both at-risk and financially-secure students receive a more than quality education (as a student myself, I can speak from experience). Any help toward keeping LEP functioning is highly appreciated, and for those who are inspired by its mission but can’t make the show, visit our website ( where you can learn more and pledge to the extent of your sympathy.

An inspiring coming-together of big-name talent and striving PTA volunteer, LEP Rocks at Mississippi is more than your typical potluck fundraiser. Leave the lasagna in the fridge.


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