Flaming Lips’ Do You Realize As Oklahoma State Rock Song

It’s a big day for the Flaming Lips, as Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry will sign an executive order on 4/28 that makes the Lips’ “Do You Realize??” the official state rock song. There was some controversy last week, when the OK House voted down the resolution after a few state representatives disapproved of band member Michael Ivins sporting a t-shirt bearing a communist symbol during a recent visit to the state’s capitol.

But all is now well in the Flaming Lips’ world, as Gov. Henry has vetoed the House and decided to uphold the decision of the thousands of Internet voters who chose the song last year.

The executive order was signed at 2 p.m. at the Oklahoma Historic Center in Oklahoma City, with a celebration to be held after. Hmm. Gotta wonder what the band will choose to wear to the gala….

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