Tim Easton: Porcupine


If you know anything about Tim Easton, it’s that the man can write a song. 2006’s Ammunition displayed all of the Ohio native’s songwriting talents; among the highlights were the delicate tunes,  “Oh People” and “Next to You,” the political tunes, “News Blackout” and “Before the Revolution”, and the fun tunes, “Dear Old Song & Dance” and “C-Dub.” Easton’s newest album, Porcupine, is a different animal, but it bites just as fierce—mainly by rocking the night away.

 The opener, “Burgundy Red,” is the type of blues-rock number that can take your breath away with its raw energy, while the poppy “Broke My Heart” and the shakin’ “Porcupine” sound just as sweet as anything Easton has ever written. One listen to “Stormy” will make you realize the obvious: this is a confident and unafraid man in the prime of his career. He’s not as gentle as he once was, but Easton still has all the tricks to win you over with any instrument he chooses to put on display.

Porcupine – Tim Easton

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