Gogol Bordello: Higher Ground, Burlington, VT 6/6/09

Burlington, Vermont loves Gogol Bordello. Front-man Eugene Hutz has a long time affiliation with “B-Town” since finding himself in the Queen City as the final destination of a refugee relocation program back in 1991 and the city helped him nurture his already extreme musical ambitions. He repays that kindness in full every time he brings Gogol Bordello to town, this time being no exception.

 The evening started with a DJ and dancer pumping the crowd up with a mix of music from just about every corner of the world. By the time the band hit the stage the crowd was ready for a show, and they got one hell of one. From the first notes of Hutz’s hauntingly invigorating gypsy guitar it was apparent the night was going to be memorable. The band went through a good portion of their early catalog pounding through classics like "Wonderlust King" and "Immigrant Punk," while still throwing in a good dose of newer songs.

 The amount of energy that the entire band put into their performance is astonishing. The crowd was also brought into the fold too, providing all of the background vocals for the older songs. The thing that sets this band above most others, is their ability to connect directly with the crowd. . By the end of the show, the band and audience left the room with looks of excitement, amazement and exhaustion on their faces.

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