Under The Influence: A Jamband Tribute To Lynyrd Skynyrd

Tribute albums are often tricky. Should a band stay faithful to the original version or try to bring a new interpretation of the song to the table? Do you go with the obvious hits or dig a little deeper into a catalog for the hardcore fans? There are solid arguments for both sides of the coin. Luckily for us, the fine folks at Sanctuary Records have provided us with a tribute album that serves to both with Under The Influence: A Jamband Tribute To Lynyrd Skynyrd. The artists are as diverse as their renditions and the songs will be familiar to most – with a couple of exceptions.

First off, yes “Freebird” is featured and Blues Traveler handle the task quite well – with John Popper doing his some quality vocal jamming and harmonica heroics that replace the classic guitar duel. It

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