Yonder Mountain String Band: The Show

Over the past decade, Yonder Mountain String Band has grown from a rather obscure, Colorado string band, to one of the most in-demand acts on the touring circuit today.  The traditional quartet has evolved to incorporate a more robust rock sound over the years, so it comes as no shock they invited famed rock producer, Tom Rothrock back to produce their latest effort (Rothrock produced the band’s 2006 self-titled album as well).

The difference this time around – Yonder Mountain String Band has created their most accessible record to date, while never veering too far away from their bluegrass roots.  "Complicated," features Ben Kaufman’s vocals over one of the catchiest hooks the band has written, with a paralleled bluegrass sound seasoned with a pop flavor.  Glimpses of their high energy mountain presence filter through on blistering numbers like "Out of the Blue" and "Casualty," offering the amazing fretwork of Adam Aijala.  And one of the strongest points of the album comes in Dave Johnston’s "Fingerprint," that soars with a hard hitting banjo groove.  "Isolate" settles to the bottom as one of the only duds, with its sparse arrangement and off-kilter lyrics, however, the Jeff Austin number, "Belle Parker," more than makes up for it with its irresistible mandolin hook and chorus, sure to be an Americana classic.   

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