Spiritual Rez is a Reggae Horn Funk Dance Party that has been tirelessly touring the country while commanding an extremely positive and high energy sound. Since 2003, the band has shared the stage with internationally touring acts such as Culture, Gregory Isaacs, Jimmy Buffett, Israel Vibration, Buju Banton and Jamaican Legends The Skatalites. They have also been lucky enough to play shows featuring Bernie Worrell (founding Parliamant Funkadelic member and keys for the Talking Heads) on keyboards. Their EP, RISING IN THE EAST was released independently in 2006 and the band is finishing touches on their latest studio record, coming out late 2009.  Glide’s Melissa Broduer recently caught up with the band’s drummer and manager Ian "Meat" Miller.

What first made you want to be a musician?

I was "forced" to play piano by my parents at a young age, and my older brother played the drums. My father had a  music studio and I would just go down and get on the drums- that was the fun music! That is what first made me want to  be a musician
What do you like most about being in Spiritual Rez?

The fun, Just constant FUN!!! Being able to go everywhere and have fun. To be able to say that after six years with relatively  the same people its still fun and all well worth it. We are lucky!!!
What is your favorite Spiritual Rez song to play?

I really like to play the ones we never play. There is this song called “She’s The One” that we never play, I don’t even think  there is a recording of it.  It’s a punk/reggae song and its A
What is one album you can never get enough of?

Oh-Man!!  Kidnapkin, all of their albums are awesome, they just flow with high energy, you would not believe they are just a trio! I can listen to them anytime, anywhere!
What is one of your favorite bands to see live?

Tool was my favorite concert experience of all time.  It was in Honolulu and I was 18. Set aside from the fact that it is all  minor music, all low and crazy, the show was very stimulating in all fashions. Beautiful setting, beautiful scenario,  beautiful band- AWESOME TIME!!!!
What are some of your musical goals?

Honestly, just to take Spiritual Rez as far as it will go. We want to help as many people with music as we can. I feel so string that our music has the capability to take you to trance levels (is takes me to trance levels) its such a rush and I want to bring that to as many people as possible.
If you were an animal what would you be and why?

I know Van would be a kinkajou, I would be a manatee and just cruise around and hug!
What are some things you like to do to relax while not on the road?

Spend time away from each other (and I mean that in the most loving way) Just being off the road and going to beautiful  places with friends is relaxing.
Do you have an superstitions?

Not really.  No white lighters( says Van from the background). We did all hold our breath going through a tunnel, not everybody made it through the whole thing and its nothing we do regularly
Music has changed my life by..

Becoming my whole life 100% of the time!

Glide contributor Melissa Brodeur  writes and works within her three passions: alternative health, music and bees by providing off-beat, creative healing methods to musicians and artist and creative minds alike.  Check her out at beewellmassage.com.


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