Disco Biscuits Tease New Album With On Time EP

Genre-defying band The Disco Biscuits are hitting the road once again in support of their new EP, “On Time.” The band will spend time in California around Thanksgiving before returning to the East Coast for a number of dates in New York and their native Philadelphia, including a five-night engagement at New York’s Nokia Theatre between Christmas and New Year’s.


The “On Time” EP is out on the Biscuits own Diamond Riggs through Warner Music Group’s Independent Label Group. This EP serves as a teaser for the Disco Biscuits’ full-length February 2010 release, “Planet Anthem” which will also be distributed through ILG. “On Time” can be purchased online on iTunes and at livedownloads.com for $4.99, or at any of their upcoming live shows.  Additionally, “You and I,” from the full-length album, is available for free streaming online here.


“On Time” and “Planet Anthem” represent an evolution for The Disco Biscuits, who have been writing and recording with Don Cheegro and Dirty Harry (Ludacris, Fantasia, Chris Brown).  Noted for their fusion of jam band music and electronica, the band again moves in an adventurous direction by taking on hip-hop influences and adding to their already eclectic sound.  This is nothing new for the band, however, as their flagship festival Camp Bisco has featured acts like Snoop Dogg, Nas and other hip-hop artists in past years.  The new sound won’t disappoint longtime fans and will introduce The Disco Biscuits to a brand-new audience, expanding their already powerful influence.

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