Santigold Producing New Devo Material

Santigold has revealed that she is producing new material by DEVO.

The singer, real name Santi White, didn’t reveal how the two parties hooked up but said that the collaboration was "amazing".

Speaking of the studio sessions, Santigold told Paste Magazine: "They’re just, like, my band idols. Them and The Smiths. But DEVO, I made them pull out the red hats and pose for a picture."

She also that she’s itching to start working on her own new material, her debut album having come out nearly two years ago.

"I am starting my new record right now," she said, "and I’m really excited about it because I’ve been on the road for three years — literally, three years — and it’s been a lot."

Meanwhile, the singer is also taking part in a climb up Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money and awareness about the clean water crisis in Africa for the Summit On The Summit charity.

Tweeting about the climb shortly before setting off, she wrote: "Just zipping up my bags, spray-painted my boots black and put in gold laces. Gotta represent! Wish me luck… I’ll tweet from the mountain!"

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