Gorvette: Lustfully Yours EP


Detroit Female Punks unite with the formation of Gorevette.  The group is a linking up of Nikki Corvette and Amy Gore from the Gore Gore Girls, bringing together some powerful pop punk chops crafted into a bouncy sing-along worthy effort titled, The Lustfully Yours EP.  None of the tunes here even flirt with 3 minutes; they quickly jump in, make you wiggle your hips with their straight forward message (“Baby Let’s Rock”, “Nothings Gonna Stop Me”) and are gone quicker then a hiccup.  “Honey Don’t You Know” is a wistful lament that wouldn’t have sounded out of place coming from the Brill Building.  The title track is the best tune, combining a great solo from Gore and breathy lyrics from Corvette with a rumbling low end from drummer Al King and bassist Lianna Castillo, showing the new generation how it’s done. 

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