Velvet Truckstop: Sweet Release


From the kitchen of Velvet Truckstop – Sweet Release recipe:

1.) In a mason jar, mix equal parts Drive-By-Truckers-style crunch, chamois shirt soul, Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, and vintage Band-ish blues. Don’t be afraid to play with the mix as the song requires, but make sure there’s always enough of it all in there so that the Velvet Truckstop flavor comes through.

2.) Add one big ol’ dollop of jam (just enough to let folks know that you ain’t scared of it – nossir). Note: the song always comes first, though.

3.) Top the rascal off right to the rim with clear, cold water from a creek in Black Mountain, NC. (Accept no substitutes.)

4.) Invite some talented friends in to help stir things up, including pedal steel monster Buddy Cage (New Riders of the Purple Sage) and good ol’ Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead, of course) on keys.

5.) Let ‘er wail.

Recipe notes: Sweet Release may be Velvet Truckstop’s debut album, but it sounds like the work of a band who’s comfortable in its own skin and knows what it wants to sound like. Constanten and Cage, being the pros that they are, step onboard only to serve the song; Sweet Release is a solid sample of Velvet Truckstop’s voice from beginning to end. They ain’t tryin’ to be nobody but themselves.

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