Kats: I Can Levitate (EP)

The Free Ice Cream Crew has come out with another underground hip-hop scorcher via Kats’s I Can Levitate.  The Brooklyn based MC boasts all over his “tenth album” and the braggadocios flow abounds, yet he manages to remain rooted in common stories like the tale spun on, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and that title tune, “Levitate”.  On the opening track “The Warmup” Kats is already blazing hotter then most with lines like “And my crew is dumb sick/consisting strictly of number 1 picks” over a killer hatchet chopped beat that’s sprinkled with electro-flourishes, provided by DJ Smut Villain .  The beats are an engaging mélange throughout; layered with bass bumps, electric guitars, chimes, pianos and cowbell, all before we hit the re-worked Little Anthony & The Imperials chorus.  Kats talk’s retirement on “Do You Feel Me”, but hip-hop endings are less legitimate then boxers so we shall see, either way this fun album is worth downloading and spinning especially if you are disenchanted with the current mainstream rap world. 


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