Golden Triangle: Double Jointer

Double Jointer is a breezy piece of jangly, lo-fi, garage rock from Brooklyn’s Golden Triangle.  A sexually split six-piece (3 Gals, 3 Guys) they come at you with fuzzed-up-high-pitched vocals and driving rhythms that tumble into the ear.  Some efforts (“Cinco De Mayo”, “Death To Fame”) aren’t much more then sketches while others (“Neon Noose”) are closer to polished pop.  Double Jointer plays like a group’s first record but that’s not to say there aren’t good songs and bits of potential lurking in the corners.  

The pumping/pounding drums on “Rollercoaster” and “Eyes to See” rev you up and get the body moving which, along with the noise play on “I Want to Know” and the punk fuse of “Jellyroll” make each a fun listen.  The best tune is the last one, “Arson Wells”, which starts like all of the others but quickly rises above with its trippy guitars, tempo changes and a psychedelic feedback ramble.  Exploring more of this sixties style garage rock without a net could yield high rewards for these 718ers.

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