Richard March & Tyler Ragle at Hallenbrick Brewery

This reviewer has come to realize that the most important skill a critic has is the ability to find venues where musicians from all genres play for no other reason than a chance to do what they love. With all the glitz and glamour of mainstream media deflecting attention from “indie rock”, it is easy to forget the likely humble beginnings of your average musician. However, whether recognized or not, the best opportunity to catch a show is before the rest of the world knows there’s a show to catch!  
I’ve made myself familiar with the music communities of Boston, San Francisco and Albuquerque through the years. My favorites are those places where the music is appreciated, the environment amicable, and the beverages top notch. Lately I’ve found a home at Hallenbrick Brewery in Albuquerque, NM located in the gentrified industrial area of the Jefferson Corridor. Co-owned by Scott Hollenbeck and Jeff Brick, the beer is top notch and the prices are fair. Scott is an impressive brew master while Jeff exudes a warm and bubbly personality that will ensure your first visit won’t be the last! But what truly sets Hallenbrick apart from the other local breweries is the artistic and creative license given to guest musicians and bands. The result is an atmosphere busting with the unlikely combination of cozy English Pub/Urban Loft meets the Austin music scene. In a town most known for Southwest flair of any and all type, live music with an urban pub ambience is an untapped market. A niche that Scott and Jeff settled into at the right time and in the right place!
It was within these comfortable confines that I recently had the pleasure of catching a show by California songwriters Richard March and Tyler Ragle.  We were only one stop along a tour covering the Southwest but they played enthusiastically to a small and appreciative crowd. March and Ragle grooved steadily while filling the space with folk-rock vocals and original lyrics. An acoustic masterpiece highlighted by harmonica, this was a purist experience to satisfy the soul! They are distinguished not only by the organic style of rock they have captured but also for the willingness to play for little more than a partaking of Scott’s liquid wizardry. We were thankful that they decided to make us a stop on their tour and look forward to the next visit. If you’re located somewhere between Albuquerque and Sacramento, look them up and catch the next show- you won’t leave disappointed!
Hallenbrick Brewery
3817 Hawkins NE  Albuquerque NM, 87109

Journalist Aaron Prunier covers everything interesting in the New Mexico/Albuquerque area, if you have something cool for him to check out- you can contact him at aprunier

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