Linfinity: Mercury Lounge 3/11/10

Playing a warm-up show in advance of their cross country tour with Murder By Death,  Linfinty broke out some new tunes to perform before friends and fans early Thursday night.  The six-piece spans the sonic spectrum with heavy drums, delicate keys and a violin/viola player to spice things up.  The main spotlight, however, shines on Dylan Von Wagner’s vocals which sound as if a single stanza could echo in a canyon for days on end.  

The band eased in and spread out with “Tullamore Dew” and “Holy Rain” to open their set before putting down the punk stomp of “Choo Choo Train To Venice.”  The country waltzing of “Seesaw Love” and the island influence of the new “Amante” mellowed things out while showing the groups range.  

Linfinity is happy to be floating along with light jam-band tinged vibes or changing strides with indie precision- in either spectrum the band’s tone is solid.  Specifically engaging was the string usage (violin, acoustic and electric guitars) transforming from mellow to dissident measure to measure if need be.  The announced new song called “Miles” illustrated this with a percussive bump and cymbals crashing build.  

Closing with a semi-off-the-cuff cover of “Road to Nowhere” the band played to its strengths, using the Talking Heads tune to showcase their bombastic vocals, easy going interplay and innate sense of drama.  It should be a fun spring tour to catch them on if you can.            

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