The Fling: Worth the Weight


In their full-length debut, Worth the Weight, the Fling flesh out their blues rock sound and explore greater depths than on their EP, ranging from the Led Zeppelin-style riffs of “Only So Far” to the breezy waltz of “Worth the Wait.” There is a momentum that drives each song, keeping even the lighter tracks from boring. “Reclusion” starts mellow but gains intensity as the song progresses, from the first humming bassline to a sustained vocal harmony that outlasts overdriven guitars.

Frontman Justin Kangrga doesn’t have the most emotive voice, but it suits the music. The vocals are at their best when backed by Chris Burns, as on the swaying country number “On the Other Side.” The blues number “Smile” is a highlight due to its use of empty space and staccato picking.

Not everything works on the album. “Wake Up” sounds like a throwaway track from the Talking Heads catalog. However, the Fling are at their best when they’re energetic, as in the reggae rock groove of “Ain’t Done Yet.” The finest track is definitely “Gimmie Gimmie,” featuring Alex Eastman’s popping bassline that can fill any dance floor, infectious funk riffs, and a shout-along chorus. For fans of roots rock, this collection of songs three years in the making is definitely worth the wait.

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