Untied States: Instant Everything, Constant Nothing


This is angular, complex rock and roll.  Untied States has put together a jigsaw puzzle of riffs, tempo changes, click’s, synth’s, distortion and words with their third album Instant Everything, Constant Nothing.  Experimental post-punk may be the easiest way to describe it, but the fellas do everything they can to defy labels. 

The opening “Gorilla The Bull” conveys aggression while challenging the listener and signaling what lies ahead.  “Not Fences, Mere Masks” propels forward via chopping guitars and a descending bass line in front of popping drums.  “Holding Up Walls” may be the most straight forward punk/rock tune here, while “These Dead Birds” employees keys and a quiet/loud/quiet dynamic. All are good examples of United States using their varying strengths to create a complete whole. 

The four-piece constantly tinker with sound and texture content to keep most of the lyrics in the background; allowing the vocals to color rather then become the focal point.  Unfortunately there are also a few moments when things spiral out of control, like on “Take Time Always” which is a grating, unsatisfying overload dumped in the listeners lap. 

Stuttering tempos and ever shifting instrumentation manage to keep things teetering on the edge; Instant Everything, Constant Nothing is far from a dull experience.  The multi-layered bombardment on every song may become off putting for those wanting a safe listen, but if you like risks with your rock give it a spin.   

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