Truth & Salvage Co.: Truth & Salvage Co.


California’s Truth and Salvage Company was born out of impromptu jams at Hollywood’s famed Hotel Café and includes an arsenal of four singer/songwriters from all across the U.S.  Truth and Salvage Company caught the ear of fellow Topanga Canyon resident Black Crowes front man, Chris Robinson and he signed them to his record label, Silver Arrow Records and took on the task of producing their debut album. 

Truth and Salvage is an explosion of Americana and sweaty Rock-n-Roll that comes off more like a greatest hits album than a debut.  T&S’s sound is timeless reminiscent of 70’s California rock-n-roll with splashes of acoustic Americana and modern rock.  Celebratory anthem, "Hail, Hail," and Hollywood’s new welcoming song, "Welcome to LA," showcase their sing-along lyrical style with irresistible melodies while making their listeners dream of California life.  Barroom piano ballad, "Pure Mountain Angel" is possibly one of the best songs of the last decade with its timeless melody and thought provoking lyrics.  Having  four singer/songwriters has its benefits which include an arsenal of hooks and it shines on the radio ready, "Call Back," and Rolling Stones style romps like "Heart Like a Wheel" and "Old Piano."  Truth and Salvage Company’s explosive debut album is a breath of fresh air in rock-n-roll set to become an instant classic. 

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