There is nothing wrong with a little back up.  And by “back up,” I mean a bass guitar and a set of drums.

I have listened to Jake Nannery’s voice, accompanied by nothing but an acoustic guitar.  The added sounds provided by bassist, Ramon Salumbides, and drummer, Mike West was excellent.  The slap of the bass and the solid percussion was the perfect touch to Nannery’s signature bluesy, rock style.

The three have been playing and creating music for three to four years, and the opportunity to tour as a group was an exciting and fulfilling experience.  Between April 16 and April 20, they traveled down America’s west coast, and camped in beach towns between shows.

“We mapped out the entire tour.  Excited to play past the backyard,” Nannery said.

They did well.  The trio played in coffee shops and bars, much to the enjoyment of familiar faces and new friends.  Having recently returned to their home base of Seattle, WA, it is back to recouping, and preparing for what is next.

Nannery has enjoyed and appreciated the effort and talent that Salumbides and West contributed.  As a solo performer, it was just a “guy and his guitar.”  He has written a multitude of original songs, and being able to incorporate additional musical elements has taught Nannery to let go and welcome new ideas.

“I’m not a bassist or a drummer.  I don’t tell them how to do their jobs.  It is always a collaborative effort.  Those two add more depth and bring their own talents and skills,” Nannery says of his band.

The experience of sharing the stage with others has been positive.  It requires more responsibility, yet offers the comfort of a safety net.  Nannery has embarked on a new journey and has embraced it since the day he returned to the United States.

Prior to the tour, Nannery lived in Waiheke, New Zealand, for nearly two years.  He relished the life of simplicity.  Being miles away from the hustle and bustle of American life, it enabled him to focus on developing a better creative process to his songwriting.  He envies the methods of others whose approaches are more concrete.

Nannery was able to apply what he had digested into his writing and performances.  Traveling has opened his eyes widely and what he gained is a greater appreciation of where he came from and where he has been.

His songwriting ability has done anything but falter.  Nannery’s fans have had the pleasure of hearing both old and new material at every show.  His songs touch on a variety of entertaining storylines.  For example, he could tell you a little something about drinking with the devil, or watching a girl leave in a beautiful summer dress.  Regardless of the subject, what the listener gets is a good story, a catchy melody and a real and honest performance.

“I enjoy doing this and playing with others is awesome.  I can’t even describe it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Music is the vehicle to the experience.”

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