Gregg Allman: Hard Rock Live, Biloxi, MS 6/4/10

He was a young, blonde, white wannabe blues singer, who at first doubted his talent then wanted it so bad that it eventually became him. Tall skinny kid sitting on a neighbor’s porch in awe of fingers stroking guitar strings, this boy who would become king set his destiny in motion with his first heave of a newspaper, saving every penny from his route to buy the mythological creature that would eventually transform his older brother into one of the most passionate guitar players in the history of rock n roll.

And somewhere along the way, this blonde skinny kid also became a legend.

Gregg Allman has been on the road forever. It is who he is and what he does. It’s the blood that runs through his veins and it’s the oxygen that fills his lungs. For us, we cannot remember a time when an Allman of some form or another was not out there playing “Statesboro Blues” or “Whipping Post”. In the early 90’s there was still so much tension in the band from the past that Gregg was pretty much ready to just hang it all up and let his brother’s baby be laid to rest in the soft Southern ground. But something happened and bridges were rebuilt and crosses unbarred and the Allman Brothers Band has been running strong ever since.

Gregg took the stage on a Friday night to such a round of applause it would have humbled a hardened man. His congregation loves him deeply and it shows in the way they follow him around from town to town, state to sate, just to hear him sing songs that he has sung hundreds of times.

It was in the air, this electricity that causes the hair on the back of your neck to stand up straight, as Gregg and his band took over that stage and held this crowd till the last note of “Statesboro Blues”.

A set list that was chock full of both ABB and GA solo hits, there was enough to satisfy everyone. Knocking right into “Don’t Keep Me Wonderin” off the Brothers second album IDLEWILD SOUTH, Gregg then jumped feet first into one of his biggest solo hits, “I’m No Angel” before hitting up a rocking version of the Warren Haynes penned “Before The Bullets Fly”.

Amidst big hits like “Dreams”, “Multi-Colored Lady” and “Midnight Rider”, Gregg introduced a couple new songs from an album he said should be released in January. “Just Another Rider”, written by Gregg and Warren, is excellent: punchy, rocking and just downright GOOD. “Floating Bridge” is an old Sleepy John Estes song. Already well covered by Clapton in his own slow-hand style, Gregg’s version picked it up into a knee slapping hymnal, made all the more moving by his grizzled bluesy vocals.

Gregg seems to always have a great strong band with him when he’s on the road solo. Bringing back musicians like horn player Jay Collins, bassist Jerry Jemmott, keys wizard Bruce Katz, guitarist Scott Sharrard, drummer Steve Potts, and the legendary Floyd Miles, makes seeing The Gregg Allman Band just as much fun as seeing the Allman Brothers Band. Well, almost.

Guitarist Scott Sharrard has a lot to live up to when playing from the ABB repertoire but he hangs in there strong and gives a very pleasing subtle performance on solos that Warren and Duane would surely have blown us away with. Bruce Katz, still rocking that Geezer Butler hairstyle, jumps and boogies all over the place; only when he finishes can you feel like you can actually take a breath. And Jay Collins just freakin wails on the saxophone. Plus his flute playing on “Melissa” and “Midnight Rider” were enhancements of already well-oiled classics.

Adding in the Muddy Waters classic “Can’t Be Satisfied” and Bob Dylan’s “Just Like A Woman” were special treats. But no doubt the most exciting surprise came in the form of Gregory actually picking up an electric guitar on the aforementioned Muddy song as well as on “Whipping Post”. The crowd seemed to gasp when he strapped it on and then broke out into jubilant applause.

Crowd favorite of the night was without a doubt the soft n sweet “Melissa” followed closely by “Midnight Rider” and a boot stomping boogie woogie “Statesboro Blues”. A revved up “Whipping Post” ended the regular set with the crowd begging for more, which they got with “Floating Bridge”, “Sweet Feeling” and the old Blind Willie McTell song that starts off one of the greatest live albums ever recorded: LIVE AT FILLMORE EAST.

Gregg has had his share of troubles in his life. He has fought his way through old habits that tried to kill him, heartbreaks that almost killed him, and good times that surely killed a few cells in his 62 year old body. But he has fought his way through and continues to be one of the best ole rocking blues guys out there.


Don’t Keep Me Wonderin, I’m No Angel, Just Before The Bullets Fly, My Love Is Your Love, Just Like A Woman, You Must Be Crazy (Floyd Miles on vocals), Dreams, Multi-Colored Lady, Just Another Rider, Can’t Be Satisfied, Back To Daytona (Floyd on vocals), Melissa, Ridin Thumb, Midnight Rider, Whipping Post. ENCORE: Floating Bridge, Sweet Feeling, Statesboro Blues.

Photos by Leslie Michele Derrough

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