ArpLine: Travel Book


This Brooklyn Sextet hopes to have created your electronica-pop soundtrack to the summer with Travel Book.  Motoring in multiple directions, the album has a mission to build, layer and sift through tweaks, sonic-yelps and bleeps while tying everything together with head-bobbing rhythms.  The best tracks start simple, piling on sound and beats before letting the combination blossom under Sam Tyndall’s vocals.

An instant standout, “Fold Up Like A Piece Of Paper”, allows the hips to shake and mind to race while propulsive keys and guitars shoot out like lasers over the skipping drums.  “Weekend In The Colonies” shows off arena-rock flair with blazing riffs and stomp drums before dissolving away. Tyndall’s voice takes on a variety of shapes, sounding robotic and detached on some tunes or feminine and emotional on others.   The band can touch on industrial (“Parts Unknown”) mood (“Sound And Versions”) and even a touch of jam (“Rope”) while still remaining cohesive; ArpLine is willing explore sound where it lives.

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