Los Lobos Releasing Tin Can Trust August 3

Los Lobos’ will be releasing Tin Can Trust on August 3, their first release for Shout! Factory and first collection of new original material in four years—the venerable quintet once again redefines itself and expands its scope, while never losing sight of where they came from. And, like so much of Los Lobos’ previous work, Tin Can Trust is an album that speaks to the time and place in which it was conceived; the album’s title can be traced back more than a century, but for the band, it’s apt for the rickety state in which so many of us find ourselves—and our world—today.

As with every new recording Los Lobos makes, Tin Can Trust moves Los Lobos into yet another new dimension while simultaneously sounding like no one else in the world but Los Lobos. Los Lobos’ unified vision and strong work ethic are evident on each of the 11 tracks on the self-produced album, but so is something even greater, “an intuitiveness,” says Los Lobos songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Louie Pérez, “that happens only from being in a band for so long.”

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