Eric Krasno: Reminisce


Soulive fans looking for an all-together-different side to Eric Krasno’s playing style on his debut solo record Reminisce will most likely be disappointed.  This is far from a stylistic departure for Krasno as his knack for the groove comes through as sharp as ever, which, for most, is a good thing.

The release opens out of the gates strongly with “Roll Out,” which brings to mind groovy 70s recordings by Herbie Mann and Rashaan Roland Kirk, featuring here the excellent saxophone and flute work of Cochemea Gastelum. 

Other tracks stand out as well, including the R&B offering, “Be Alright,” with vocals provided by Nigel Hall and the ultra funkified instrumental verison of the Beatles classic, “Get Back,” which showcases Krasno’s soaring skills as a soloist as well as any other on the album. 

It’s not all gravy though; there is a miss or two here as wel, probably most notably on the “Manic Depression” cover.  The only thing brought to mind on this take is that Krasno– while a damn good player– is no Hendrix on the axe, and Hall– while a very refreshing R&B singer– lacks the raw vocal energy and urgency that helped make Hendrix such a force in his day. 

Though perhaps not a songwriter on par with the likes of other jazz-funk guitarists such as John Scofield or Charlie Hunter, this solo release proves that Eric Krasno can hold his own not just as a great band member but he can hold his own and then some as a legitimate front man.

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