Vermont is certainly known for it’s organic products – and now you can add the acoustic bluegrass trio, Jatoba, to that respected grocery list.  

How has living in VT influenced your music?

When you walk around every day in a large city, you may be stressed out, so that could reflect in your music and sound crass. When I first moved back to Vermont, I had alot of time and alot of silence to be able to reflect and write really soft songs. You could go to different gatherings in the woods and not feel like you have to compete with alot of other bands, or music or a "scene" to get a place to play.  We could write what we wanted as opposed to living in a large city where you have to write a hit song just get a gig. One thing I like is everything is so close, so we can play a show in Brattleboro and tell people we are playing the next gig in Burlington and chances are we will see them again at that show.

What is one piece of advice about being in a band that will always stay with you?

Communication between band members is so important. Talk and be honest.
What method has worked for you best in getting your music and name out to the people?

Playing live shows! We have a pretty righteous promotion team – we are constantly plugging Jatoba over the internet so people are seeing it more, and word of mouth.
What was it like to meet David Grisman?

It was cool to meet a legend.
What are some albums you like to listen to while traveling to gigs?

Radiohead, God Ween Satan, STP – Purple, and Mitch Hedburg
Can you tell us about each of your strengths and weakness’s and how that benefits the band?

Our biggest strength is we are fully aware and recognize our weakness’s.
What are some of your hobbies other than music?

Being a Dad, frisbee golf, poetry.
You play some really great covers in "Jatoba style." How do you choose them?

We choose the most non-recognizable towards bluegrass as possible.  We just listen to the songs and say " we can play this."  They are very spur of the moment ideas. We are actually looking for a Radiohead song to cover and are taking suggestions, except: Creep, Karma Police or Fake Plastic Trees, we love those songs, just don’t want to play them. So send your suggestions to [email protected]

What was the last show you saw that you really enjoyed?

The Buddhahood of Groove
Music is what % heart and what % skill?

There is more involved then heart and skill like patience and thought, but Jatoba rides heavy on the heart

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