Delaney Gibson is vivacious and bubbly.  She called me while driving home one night and we talked about everything from her first music video to the struggles of unrequited love.

Her music video for the song, “La Di Da,” was described as “a lot of work with a phenomenal crew, and was very cinematic.”  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the video premiere, but was thankful that I already had the opportunity to see her live at North Park Music Thing in San Diego last year.

She covered the ever-so-popular song, “Hallelujah,” by Leonard Cohen.  Ignoring the fact that other artists and American Idol contestants have performed the hit countless times, I was drawn to Gibson’s powerful vocals.  The singer-songwriter plays guitar and keyboard without difficulty as well.

She is currently working on her third album.  Exemplifying the true nature of “do it yourself,” the singer-songwriter books her own shows and manages herself. 

“I am fortunate to do music full time.  It took a while to get there and I had to play a lot of shows.  People don’t realize how hard it is,” said Gibson.

To call Gibson hardworking is just a matter of fact.  She sends out millions of emails a day, and builds new connections that build even more connections, and so forth.  Her diligent work habits would not have materialized without the opportunity of performing professionally at the tender age of nine.

Gibson was a child who immersed herself in musical theatre.  As long as she can remember, she was always singing.  The years of vocal training are evident.

“Music is my life, and at this point, I can’t stop now.  I’m the only member of the family who is a musician.  Not really sure where the inspiration came from!” said Gibson.

Let’s ignore genetics for a bit.  Gibson is talented.  She sits down and writes every single day.  Her first two albums, The Worst Kind of Way, and Hurricanes and Forget Me Nots, have received compliments such as “magical”, “unique”, and “polished”.  Critics, nationally and internationally, have nothing but kind words for Gibson’s creative efforts.

When I listen to her current album, I am reminded of my high school days, heading home in the afternoons and zoning out to Tori Amos.  Throw in a little bit of Jenny Lewis’ heartfelt yearning and you get Delaney Gibson.

Claiming that she tends to always have some unrequited love, Gibson’s song material focuses on a girl who vows to remain hopeful.  Although her previous record was focused on one particular person, Gibson isn’t losing sight on releasing new material. 
Her heartbreak can be transformed into songs that effortlessly progress from soft moments to loud exclamations.  She is simply being a woman telling stories and pouring her heart out to strangers who care to listen. 

“It is going well.  I write songs and sometimes get a little help and input.  I can’t wait.  The third album will be more upbeat and piano driven, and along the same theme,” said Gibson.

This is good news for Gibson’s fans.  Her home base of Ventura, CA, considers her a local favorite.  Attending a Delaney Gibson show is like swapping relationship stories with a good friend.  Just throw in some fantastic music to back the gossip, and you are left with a charmed and lively performance.

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