Diego’s Umbrella

In perhaps my most interesting interview ever, I found myself discussing quirky habits over bar food and beer.  The band being interviewed was Diego’s Umbrella, and they are a band from San Francisco, CA.

Influenced by music in Eastern Europe, the band describes their sound as “gypsy pirate polka.”  It is a combination of mariachi, ska, and a massive serving of minor chords.  Their matching outfits are homemade, and they often perform shows without set lists.

Formed in 2001 by Tyson Maulhardt (electric guitar/vocals) and Vaughn Lindstrom (acoustic guitar, vocals), Diego’s Umbrella released their first album, Songs for the Farmers.  They were a little more Jack Johnson than Gogol Bordello back then until adding additional players and developing their current signature sound.

Maulhardt and Lindstrom welcomed Ben Leon (vocals, electric guitar, percussion), Kevin Blair (bass), Jason Kleinberg (violin, vocals, accordion) and Jake Wood (drums).  Together, the members released Kung Fu Palace (2006) and Viva La Juerga (2007).  Another album is in the works. 

After playing at the world-famous South By Southwest in Austin, TX, Diego’s Umbrella is back on the road continuing their 2011 tour.  It is without a doubt that the band is encouraging audiences to sway to their music.  From their silly banter between songs to Maulhardt’s vocal solo tribute to Cypress Hill, Diego’s Umbrella strives to keep their show lively and entertaining.

Their quirkiness has enabled them to travel around the world, and garner them attention in both radio and television.   They guarantee their fans and listeners that each and every one of their shows is a good time.  By putting their best feet forward and maintaining their high level of tireless energy, Diego’s Umbrella refuses to take anything too seriously. 
They just want to take you along for the ride.

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