Yuck: Yuck

It is amazing how pure distortion can sound when it is distilled through 6-strings at high amplification.  Yuck know this and continually present guitar tones that cradle the brain on their self titled first release.  Amazingly when they pull the electricity out of the ears, tune down and stay (mostly) acoustic on tracks “Suck”, “Shook Down”, “Sunday” and “Suicide Policeman” (what’s with all the “S’s”?!) the group still manages to intrigue with its textured playing, layered vocals and on the latter, some sweet horn work. 

Where Yuck (a four piece from London, England) earns the majority of their praise is inside of pedals and whammy bars with the volume kicking at full throttle.  The twisting duel axe disk opener “Get Away” makes the head bob and speakers throb; it doesn’t take long for the inevitable Dinosaur Jr./My Bloody Valentine comparisons to take root.  “Holing Out” is a blast of fuzzed up jangling goodness; painted with streaks and buzzing it surrounds a stripped bass break with catchy vocals and ever climbing guitar interplay.  At times (“The Wall” and “Operation”) the song writing and lyrics fall a bit short of the sonic pastures the group has conjured up, minor issues on a first release especially when the highpoints reach the sky. 

“Georgia” is another one of those peaks adding a healthy dose of muffled pop charm while the disk closer “Rubber” drones with pleasure, expanding to over seven minutes with a Velvet Underground appeal.  The group embraces the distortion heroes of past rock phases and craft their own rumble and hiss on things…long live the feedback.         

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