Kat Devlin, the petite, eloquent singer-songwriter from Minnesota has charmed California’s Central Coast with her country-inspired tales and Celtic trills.  She plays solo acoustic sets with a percussive loop station and delights audiences with stories inspired by a supportive and artistic four-year relationship.

Often accompanied by her longtime partner, Shannon, the couple writes songs based on life’s journeys.  They are products of Kat’s free-flowing thoughts and Shannon’s beat-specific poetry.  Although she calls herself “California Celtic Country,” her sound can also be described as sweet and grungy.  The late Kurt Cobain inspires the grunge and the sweet melodies have been compared to artists such as Neko Case.

“Bringing in a partner can be difficult.  It is a process… but Shannon is an incredible lyricist,” said Devlin.

Although Shannon may offer lyrical ideas, Devlin sets a greater responsibility on the music.  Her musical journey, as silly as this may sound, began when she gave her first live performance with a cover of Tiffany’s popular hit, “I Think We’re Alone Now.”
She was a wide-eyed five-year-old at the time, and being asked about this performance more than 20 years later caught Devlin off guard, but it made her smile with the memory.

“I learned so much from Tiffany from just watching her.  I play at Sephora every once in a while, but if Tiffany can do a mall show, I can do a mall show!” said Devlin, giggling at the thought.

Devlin could rock a mall show if she set her sights on it.  Passionately pursuing her musical dream, she already has four records under her belt.  Her latest record, The Voyage Out, is her first full-length album.  It is a beautiful collection of folk songs, enriched by her angelic voice and colorful, prolific lyrics.  The video for the album’s track, “Ocean Song” was debuted in May.

The journey continues to get brighter.  Devlin has been busy, playing gigs in Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo and introducing her live band, The White Whale.   She is hoping to release more material in a year.

“With my last CD, it was bursting at the seams to be earthed,” said Devlin.  At the rate that Devlin writes (she often writes while traveling between gigs), another record will be ready for recording in no time.

Devlin’s journey continues with regular gigs and musical risks.  Her lifelong dream began more than 20 years ago and she is more than eager to keep it going.

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