The Prodigy: World’s On Fire

The Prodigy have always had the sound of a band that should be captured live; they radiate an angry energy, wielding music seeping a hint of dangerous power. Their new live double DVD, World’s on Fire, filmed mostly at the Warrior’s Dance festival, would seem to prove that those who haven’t seen The Prodigy live are missing the fulfillment of that livid promise. 

The first disc opens with "Breathe," arguably The Prodigy’s biggest hit; it is both enough divergence from yet faithful enough to the original to provide solid live fodder. This song transitions beautifully into the dancy sing-along “Omen” and synthy “Colours,” songs that beg movement, even on headphones. One imagines the magnetic energy that must have pulsed through audiences as The Prodigy performed these anthems.

The crowd comes truly alive, to no surprise, at the opening riffs of “Firestarter,” Prodigy’s breakthrough hit. Again, the band does the song justice, leaving no doubt about the intensity of their performance.

Similarly, the DVD gives a great sense of the massive amount of energy pouring forth from the Prodigy and being returned by the (seemingly endless, judging from some of the shots) crowd. The disc carries innumerable shots of crazed-looking fans, singing along, pounding fists, moshing (yes, moshing!), and generally looking like they are at an incredible show, along with energizing visuals of the band aggressively playing their part (of particular note are the charisma and clear incendiary power of both frontment, Keith Flint and Maxim).

Despite the annoying repeated “all my warriors” shout-outs from Maxim, this album is a great listen for The Prodigy fans seeking to relive an unforgettable concert experience – or wishing they’d had one.

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