Flaming Lips Stage Set Topples Over

The Flaming Lips is the latest band to have their stage collapse on them.

The band was slotted to play Tulsa’s Brady Block Party on Sunday when hard rain and fierce winds began, forcing the crew to cut off electricity. Tarps meant to protect equipment began flying off and in a short time, the large video projection screen at the rear of the stage fell over.

The group’s bassist, Michael Ivins, told Rolling Stone, "We were all on stage thinking, ‘What are we actually going to do here? Then the screen started moving."

He says he hustled to stay clear of the falling screen, "There wasn’t a lot of space between the screen and an eight-foot drop. I basically had to leap over one of the legs [of the screen] to get out of the way. It was definitely pretty crazy."

Fortunately, like Cheap Trick, whose stage roof dropped on them last month in Canada, no one was injured by the accident.

Extreme weather took its toll on other concerts Sunday as well.

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