The Soundtrack of Our Lives 2/24/2005: Knitting Factory, New York, NY

After opening for the legendary Robert Plant at Irving Plaza, the six-piece Swedish band, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, scurried over to the Knitting Factory in Tribeca to headline its own Thursday night show before a jam-packed room of devoted fans.

Concert attendees, including many hippie-inspired music lovers, filled up on $3 peach kamikazees while waiting over an hour for the band to appear. They howled with delight when close to 1 a.m., out of the darkness came lead singer Ebbot Lundberg, who moved like a towering Viking across the stage. From the very first note, this bearded, burly man generated powerful energy throughout the room, especially with “Sister Surround,” a constant fan favorite. “You’re a rhyme without reason, and you know it so well,” Lundberg cried out. “Who’s the king of the season, well you never can tell, though it’s so plain to see.”

The song is from the popular Behind The Music album and truly demonstrates how the band can rock as hard as any outfit in existence. Following “Sister,” the buzzing guitars charged, swirled, and dueled their way through the first couple of numbers, “Nevermore” and “Heading For a Breakdown.”

For music lovers who dig old classic rock music like Pink Floyd, The WHO, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and the Rolling Stones, The Soundtrack of Our Lives is a perfect fit. The group has been around for more than ten years and just released their sixth studio album, Origin Vol. 1. The band brings to life unexpected combinations of 60’s pop, soul and garage psychedelia with 70’s high-energy rock-n-roll, plus a tinge of boogie.

“We love to come back to New York. Cheers,” Lundberg shouted to the audience, extending his arms in a grand way, almost inviting the crowd to come closer. “Our real bass player is back. Karl. It’s beautiful to have him back.”

Bass player Karl “Kalle” Gustaffson, who sports a gold tooth, is the man behind the T.S.O.O.L epic tune, “Broken Imaginary Time,” which the band says is one of the best songs it has ever recorded. Indeed, it’s one of the most moving songs the group played live at the Knitting Factory.

Fans swayed to the slow, dreamy vibe of “Broken” that continued right into the melancholic “Tonight,” a gorgeous piano ballad about lost time. “Last night I was nobody at all. Last night I was waiting for somebody to call,” the soulful frontman whispered.

One minute they are rocking out with spirit and vigor and the next minute they are urging listeners that this is a moment in time to be savored.

Yes, the band’s unique arrangements and catchy lyrics show how much they like to experiment with sound and mood. Take for instance, another satisfying tune, “Believe I’ve Found,” fromOrigin Vol. 1. “There goes my heroes, and all that I used to trust. The ones like dust and the ones who have crossed the line. I believe I’ve found a better way to satisfy.”

During their performance at the Knitting Factory, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives proved they surely do know how to satisfy.

Photographs courtesy of bbc.

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