Trombone Shorty: For True


Just last year Trombone Shorty introduced himself to the world with Backatown, a blistering effort which had his beloved New Orleans flowing via it’s hot instrumentals and hip soul get downs.  A year later we get For True which continues the same blueprint but expands the guest list to a wider range of non-NOLA based contributors without sacrificing the southern spice.  The albums are similar in style and substance and could almost be viewed as a double album. 

“Backajump” proves that from the get-go, with the late-night marching style of The Rebirth Brass Band mixing with Shorty’s own Orleans Avenue.  The track kicks off the album with its most complete party ready jam.  The title track is another scorcher showcasing Shorty’s (real name Troy Andrews) amazing talent on the trumpet, he may have trombone in his name but he has trumpet in his veins.  “Dumaine St.” is another in the seemingly endless bag of rocking instrumentals this musician can pull from to the delight of his fans. 

Two of the guitar playing elite show up in similar songs to help the group out.  First to rip is Warren Haynes providing the axe slinging in “Encore” but even more successfully Jeff Beck effortless lends smooth lines to “Do To Me”.  The refined sense of soul that Beck’s plays with is an album high point.  Shorty also invites Kid Rock to stop by and drop a verse on the get down number of “Mrs. Orleans” while the Ivan Neville’s funky keys reverberate on “Nervis”. 

Things aren’t perfect, Shorty’s vocals can be a bit run of the mill, and he could use a break-out hit to expose him to the masses, but For True adds to the growing jams that this virtuoso can use to get the crowd jumping and smiling.  Play on…   

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