Fitz and The Tantrums: Terminal 5, NYC 11.10.11

Terminal 5 had been sold out for a while in anticipation of the soul stylings of Los Angeles own Fitz and The Tantrums.  The group was very excited to be in New York City and even took an opportunity to head down and perform for the Occupy Wall Street gathering before heading to the Hell’s Kitchen venue later in the night. 

Before they hit the stage however, opener Walk The Moon delighted the packed house with their fist pumping disco-rock.  The crowd was just as into the upbeat opener as they would later be for the headliner as Walk The Moon donned day-glow war paint on their faces to spruce up their appearance.  While beating on a drum and jumping around the group closed with their best known number “Anna Sun” as people chanted along regarding a “falling down house” and “taking over this ghost town”. 

When Fitz and the Tantrums slowly sauntered out onto the stage in suits and formalwear, electricity was palpable, and  the band sensed it off the bat, opening with one of their best songs, “Don’t Gotta Work It Out”.  Sing-along’s to the groups older tunes were multiple on this night, with one of the set highlights being the massive chorus in the slow jam “Tighter” which built and built until it soared with emotion.  “Rich Girls” was another slow burner behind a smooth saxophone, organ fills and cymbal crashes. 

The six-piece took the opportunity to unveil a few new songs that were just as polished as the groups back catalog, playing on the blue-eyed soul style that they live on.  The encore of “We Don’t Need No Love Songs” was cathartic for the broken-hearted in attendance and the upbeat “Sweet Dreams” Eurythmics cover brought the crowd back before “MoneyGrabber” made everyone get low and shake it. 

Michael Fitzpatrick and Noelle Scaggs front a dynamite collection of musicians who are crafting slick pop/soul for the masses and performing their hearts out on stage during shows like this, making catching them a must.  

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