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2011 saw the release of Björk’s latest studio record, Biophilia, but the ten songs comprising the record were in many ways just the tip of the iceberg for the Biophilia project. Biophilia was in fact a web of interconnecting technological, educational and musical multimedia that served to deepen the subject matter behind the album, whether through a string of iOS5 apps, optimized web experiences, scientific lectures or even unique pitch forks for each song. Dealing with the evolution, mysticism and grandeur of the natural world, Björk sought to bring a thoughtful yet individual perspective to the work, marking the project with her definitive stylistic sound and look.

One of the main differences in her approach, though, was the way in which Biophilia would be toured. Rather than travel in the traditional road method, Björk has chosen to present the album and its live incarnation in residencies around the world. Having already completed stints in Manchester and Reykjavik, Björk is slated to return states-side in February/March for ten shows in New York City. Hosted in partnership with The Creators Project, these concerts are being dubbed a “live show and education series.”

The first six dates will be held at the New York Hall of Science in Queens, which will also hold a three-week educational component for middle school children. According to a recent press release, “the series leads students on an intensive study of the scientific concepts at the core of Biophilia’s songs, including crystalline structures, lunar phases, viruses, and more. Students will also learn to use the Biophilia Apps as tools for music composition and delve into the study of how musicology relates to nature.”

For the live show, Björk will be accompanied by a 24-piece Icelandic female choir, as well as visuals from Max Weisel (Biophilia app developer) and instruments specifically created for this project, such as “our 10-foot pendulum-harps, a MIDI-controlled pipe organ celeste re-fitted with bronze gamelan bars, and twin musical Tesla coils.” All shows will be performed in the round, giving added intimacy to the audience.

For more information about the New York residency, please click here
Tickets go on sale on Friday, January 13, 2012 at 10 AM (EST) on Ticketmaster

Here are some notable performances from Björk in previous years:

Björk’s 2001 Academy Awards performance of “I’ve Seen It All,” from the movie “Dancer In The Dark,” in which she was the lead female actor. This staging showcases her (in)famous swan dress.

=== – “Declare Independence,” a single off Volta– and one of her most striking political statements to date– done at Coachella in 2007.

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