Lotus – Music Farm, Charleston, SC 2.29.12

Despite the need for some much needed acoustic improvements, the members of Lotus were mostly able to overcome the sonic limitations of the venue, delivering yet another satisfying two sets of danceable electro-indie tunes.

A pair of new tunes, “Grayrigg” and “Non-Stop in SF,” eased the young crowd into the show, but the hard-hitting, fuzzy three-note intro to “Blacklight Sunflare” really got things moving. The rave kids were out in full force, and “Blacklight” was just what they needed to kick the night into full gear. A quick breath gave way to yet another new song, “Destroyer,” a crisp uplifter with a smooth melody and trademark clean licks from guitarist Mike Rempel.

In addition to “Destroyer,” the “Lead Pipe -> Intro to a Cell” set closer demonstrated the indispensability of bassist Jesse Miller.  Lotus truly shines when Miller steps out from behind the gadgets and lays down the organic bass. Emerging from a thick groove, the band elevated to powerful heights to close the set.

Other than an average “In an Outline,” the second set effectively built on the first’s momentum, and those who checked out early missed four highlights: a synth-heavy cover of Justice’s jerky techno freakout, “Phantom”; a feisty “Harps,” which has Daft Punk written all over it; “Bush Pilot,” a song that would fit nicely on the next Budos Band album; and a killer “Hammerstrike” to close it out.

Photo by Jeremy Gordon

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