The Parlotones: Journey Through The Shadows


The Parlotones are the musical equivalent of drinking with your favorite crush. The one who likes to tease you by buying drinks with that knowing smile but only offers verbal tales of angst and confusion. You know its a little manipulative but damn it feels good. Then in the morning you’re confused. Why did you do that to yourself?

The band is multi-platinum in South Africa. They played the opening of the World Cup with Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys, and Shakira. Their game is the type of big, dramatic, arena rock that is widely embraced outside of America. The kind made with sweeping gestures and a little “angsty” makeup. Their new album Journey Through the Shadows was released on May 8th by Sovereign Entertainment alongside a new social networking, band-centric App. Lead singer Kahn Morbee has a special knack for writing insanely catchy hooks and the band layers on the production and huge choruses. The music is so polished; so gleamingly smooth it plays as almost manipulative in its intent. Its somewhat unclear which comes first for The Parlotones, marketing or authentic intention.

Many songs have a mesmerizing, gut wrenching hook or two and capable, cleanly played instrumentation. The band varies song structure in a surprisingly creative way at times like the flirtation with electro drums in “Honey Spiders”. Lyrics don’t go much beyond glam rock couplets: “bitter like the devil/but sweet as a stolen kiss”. The funny thing is the album is real fun. There’s a little Journey, a little Stone Temple Pilots, and a whole lot of willingness to go big.  The Parlotones are trying in this country; they are on an extensive spring and summer tour of clubs around America.

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