KNESSET Debuts Expansive Cover of Bon Iver’s ‘Holocone’

Bon Iver frontman Justin Vermon recently revealed to "Mojo" that the title of his composition “Holocene” is a “metaphor about redemption and realizing that you’re worth something; that you’re special and not special at the same time.” With this pendulum swing of pride, acceptance and defeat, KNESSET has taken modern American folk to a captivating level of suspense and power, embracing in the catharsis that indeed “we are all not magnificent.”  Where the original is a placid wave of slow buildup, KNESSET reignites “Halocene” as a unique sound collage born from their own distinct post-rock/ambient sound-scapes and ghostly vocals. With poignant woodwinds and angelic keyboards, the track cresendos to a vibrant must-hear climax with thunderous drums and urgent vocals, culminating in a sound experience that is quite……”magnificent.

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